Key business strengths and highlights

Africary is a resource company that does its own project development.  As the first step in Africary’s vision they secured a high quality coal reserve from BHP Billiton in 2012, near the Theunissen area of the Free State province of South Africa.  This coal resource is considered ideal for UCG, as it is of excellent quality and has superlative geo-mechanical qualities for in-situ gasification.

Our mission is to establish Africary as a profitable independent power producer, based on low-cost syngas from our vast coal resource near Theunissen.

Innovations in the Controlled Retraction Injecting Point (CRIP), directional drilling, site selection and geological modelling have changed the way UCG has traditionally been applied and UCG now delivers a steady flow of consistent quality gas, which up until now has been one of the key barriers to successful commercialisation.  Africary believes that it has the right combination of team, experience, resource, modern technology and market to design, build and operate the first commercial power station fuelled by UCG syngas.